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Mineral Inspections The ISS inspection company has its services including apparent inspection, cargo weight control, sampling, sample preparation, provision of laboratory services using validated laboratories, inspection of packaging, sealing of tanks, containers and warehouses. And so on, in Iran and around the world.
Metallurgical products, such as all kinds of ferrous and non ferrous products, steel sections and products, iron and non-ferrous and non-ferrous and non-ferrous scrap ingots, types of bars, aluminum ingots, copper cathode and precious metals Minerals such as minerals, various concentrates, coal and coke, iron ore, zinc lead soil, zinc, cement and clinker, fluorine, silica, sulfur, alumina and Types of Fertilizers including DAP, UREA TSP, CAN and ...
Draft Survey Determine the quantity of bulk ship-solid cargo shipments Inspection of mineral shipments in mines, depots, warehouses Examine and validate the weight of the goods by controlling the weights, as well as ship discharge and loading operations. Sampling of mines or depo during the discharge or loading process, preparation of samples based on the relevant standards of laboratory services using valid labs or test monitors Quality inspection (Certification of Quality of Mining Cargoes) Inspection of goods when unloading from ships, containers, wagons and trucks including packaging, marking, cargo level status, cargo positioning status and visible damage Supervision of loading involves inspecting ship warehouses and inspecting the sealing of the warehouse doors Inspection of damage to goods in ship depots or coastal warehouses