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Agricultural and Food Inspections LLC Tehran, with the cooperation of other offices of this company, as well as partner companies in other countries of the world, as well as laboratories with domestic and foreign qualifications, provide extensive services in relation to the types of agricultural exports and imports. To give Majority of these services are provided in the warehouse, ports and gmergakh of the country.
Grains, legumes and all types of oilseeds, pistachios, varieties of vegetable oils and animal fats, various types of vegetable and animal fibers such as cotton, wool, and all kinds of foods that can be sampled according to national and international standards, Inspection of loading, quantitative and qualitative inspections, inspection of packaging, determination of damage and. . . For this product group.
Sampling and sample preparation based on global standards such as GAFTA -FOSFA Use of validated and standardized laboratories Water tightness (Testing the doors of the ship's warehouses for sealing) Inspection of silos and cargo ships in order to be clean and suitable for loading operations Supervising the shipment / departure process from shore to shore or vice versa Draft Survey - Determine the bulk ship-solid cargo volume Ullage Survey - Determining the quantity of bulk cargo ships-liquids)