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The IS Tehran company was registered in 1985 in Iran (Tehran) and is certified to carry out inspections in the fields of Agricultural& Food Stuff / Petrochemical, Gas & Chemicals / Mineral / Industrial Equipment / Consumable Product. There are 190 employees working full time and 110 freelance inspectors working in the company of which 7% have PhD, 51% and 42% of the employees hold master’s and bachelor’s degree. The bulk of the activities are done in two departments of technical inspection and the inspection of materials and commodities. The materials and commodities inspection dept. carries out more than 2000 inspections in ports and customs inside the country and abroad (in accordance to the certificates obtained). Some of the services rendered in this dept. include taking samples, laboratory services, quality control inspection with regard to international standards, visual inspection, quantity check, packaging and markings check, dimensions check ,marking and sealing goods in order to assure the reception of the original commodity in target country, supervision of loading and discharge, draft survey, ullage survey ,bunker survey, visual checking of shipping equipment, damage survey and … IS Tehran providing the laboratory services through cooperation with laboratories which are working with or certified by the Iranian standard organization and hold ISO 17025 certificates. IS Tehran company has succeeded in working with major employers like Khouzestan steel co, National Iranian Copper, Industries Co, Esfahan steel co, Shazand Petrochemical, Teta trade holding, Mohsen trade holding, Zarrin Group, Hoopad Darya Shipping Agency, Safiran Payam Darya (SAPID) … Furthermore this dept. has the role of the representative of the Iranian standard organization in validating the documents and checking the quality of the imported goods in Shahriar and west customs which are two of the most outstanding customs in the country. The technical inspection dept. is in charge of inspection of industrial equipment in and outside the country in different phases from buying to implementation and has signed several mega project (more than 7 B USD) with the Iranian national oil, gas and petrochemical company especially in the southern Pars field phases 15,16,17,18.
The main activities of this complex, in addition to activities related to mandatory domestic standards, are active in most of the major projects of recent years in the country. These activities include carrying out verification services on engineering documents, carrying out commodity inspections (resident and case) in all parts of the world, including for:Different phases of South Pars, Lordean Petrochemicals, Supplying Petrochemical Equipment, Yadavaran Field and Azadegan, Sungun Copper, NGL3200 and. . . Establishment of full inspection teams at site sites (in particular phases 15, 16, 17 and 18 of South Pars, Persepolis Petrochemical Complex, etc.). It is worth mentioning that the level of services provided by IS Tehran is so high that Pars Oil & Gas Co. (POGC) has made direct contracts with this collection, "Superior Surveillance," for many projects.

Based on the mission of the company, the main objectives of the company are as follows:

• Provide technical inspection services in accordance with national and international standards

• Development of services and inspection network by creating more offices and agencies in different parts of the world

• Development of technical inspection services in different fields by creating a Holding consisting of several companies

• Developing and strengthening the scientific attitude in the organization by developing practical training

• Increase market share by using efficient and capable forces and in order to satisfy customers