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In the field of inspection of consumer goods "IS Tehran" due to the wide variety of goods and the increasing acceleration of industries to meet the needs of the market, as a consumer advocate and confidence in the use of consumer goods (manufacturing / exporting / import) provider Various service is an inspecting service for all kinds of consumer goods. IRS Tehran Company, using agents and a large network of inspectors, will conduct the inspection process in all customs and in the country of origin and destination.
All consumables or raw materials, such as electrical and electronic items and artifacts, household appliances, clothing, materials and cosmetics, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, textile and cellulose products, toys, packaged foods, etc.
Exterior inspection in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank, quality control of goods in accordance with the requirements of the National Iranian Standards Organization, sampling, coordination with valid and certified laboratories ISO 17025, supervision of testing according to international standards, as well as employer's requirements, documentary control Examples of excursions, size and dimensions control, packaging control, product marking control, loading supervision, inspection of goods during loading, discharging supervision, evaluation of damages caused by goods or means of transport, photographing, sealing of goods or Carriage