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IS inspection company offers a wide range of services to industrial / manufacturing equipment and machinery. Such services are typically based on the expectations of customers and owners as well as equipment standards. Inspection may take place at various stages, including during construction, after completion, before shipment, after shipment, and IS Company Tehran is ready to use the agents and a large network of inspectors to inspect the inspection process. In all customs and in the country of origin and destination. Also, due to the fact that IRS Tehran has the necessary permissions from the National Iranian Standards Organization and the Central Bank of Iran, it is possible to provide a variety of inspection certificates, including IC and COI.
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Exterior inspection in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank, quality control of goods in accordance with the requirements of the National Iranian Standardization Organization, sampling, coordination with authentic laboratories with ISO 17025 certification, supervision of testing according to international standards and also according to the specifications provided by the employer. , Documentary control of test quench containers, size control and dimension control, packaging control, marking and serial control of goods manufacturing, loading supervision, inspection of containment of goods while loading, discharge monitoring, evaluation of damages caused by goods or Vehicle, vehicle, vehicle or vehicle