Row Title
1 Technical inspection and reporting
2 GRP pipes inspection
3 unfired pressure vessels of welded construction
4 water tube boilers
5 construction shell boilers of welded
6 heat exchangers- shell & tube type
7 heat exchangers air cooled heat exchangers
8 mill inspection of line pipe
9 inspection of shop fabricated pipe work
10 structural steel
11 valves
12 storage tanks
13 the construction of vessels and tanks in reinforced plastics
14 centrifugal pumps for general service
15 reciprocating compressors for general service
16 centrifugal compressors for general service
17 industrial gas turbines
18 steam turbines for general service
19 water turbine for general service
20 industrial fans and blowers for general service
21 bus duct
22 power cable
23 motor control center
24 control panel
25 gas circuit breaker
26 insulators
27 storage battery
28 switchgear panel
29 power transformer
30 generator
31 switchgear
32 induction motor
33 battery charger
34 method magnetic particle testing procedure A.C.
electromagnetic yoke
35 fluorescent system+penetrate testing
procedure water washable process(visible)
36 procedure general - welds radiographic inspection
37 fasteners
38 project coordination procedure
39 inspection test description service
40 air package unit inspection procedure
41 Pipe line inspection
42 Oil, Gas, … Tanks inspection
43 Thickness inspection
44 Welding inspection
45 Safety valve inspection
46 check valves
47 tank calibration procedure
48 Duties of welding inspector
49 spiral pipe
50 post weld heat treatment procedure
51 positive material identification
52 Steel sheets and coils
53 Electric welded Electrodes
54 Steel production phase
55 Sampling procedure
56 Steel structure
57 Pressure Safety Devise
58 Anode / Test Station Installation Procedure
59 Gas Field & Oil for TPA Inspection and Coordination
60 Inspection levels
61 Non Conformity report
62 PMI test
63 Radiograph test
64 Hydro test
65 Electrical test
66 Penetrating liquid test
67 Magnetic particle test
68 Rotary equipment balance
69 Roughness test
70 Vibration test
71 Sound volume test
72 Leak test
73 Torque test
74 Stress test
75 Chemical analysis
76 Mechanical test
77 Tension and tiredness test
78 HIC test
79 SSCC test
80 Load capacity test
81 Performance test
82 Fitting Inspection
83 Raw color inspection
84 Color adhesion inspection
85 During painting inspection
86 Insulation inspection
87 Heat treatment inspection
88 HSE instruction – construction sites
89 HSE instruction – production sites
90 MCC completion instruction
91 SRN completion instruction t
92 IC , IO, IVR, IRN, NCR,PAR, CAR, IFR completion instruction
IV III II IDescription of goods
1.1. All process tanks, accumulators, pressurized storage, injections according to ASME Sec VII Div. 1 and BS PD 5500 and EN 13445 and operate under the following temperature / pressure conditions:
80 times or more
Less than 80 times to 30 times
Less than 30 times (except for vacuum) and temperatures lower than 340 ° to 0 °
Less than 30 times and temperatures above 340 °
Less than 30 bar and lower temperature than 0 °
Under vacuum
1.2. Reactors, distillation towers, dryers
1.3. Simple carbon steels that need to be tested, Low alloy steels, Nickel high steels, Austenitic stainless steels, Coated with Inconel
1.4. All services that work at low temperatures or refrigerated conditions
1.5. Pressure vessels made of non-ferrous alloys
1.6. Tanks coated with corrosion resistant alloys
1.7. Reservoirs coated with rubber or epoxy coatings
1.8. Clots
Description of goods
2.1. Stored carbon steel storage tanks made on site:
With a thickness of 25 mm and above
Thickness less than 25 mm
Simple carbon steels that require impact testing, low-alloy steels, high nickel steels, austenitic stainless steels, made from non-ferrous alloys
2.2. Simple carbon steel storage tanks Built-in workshop:
Thickness 35 mm and above
Thickness less than 35 mm
Coated with fiberglass, rubber or epoxy
Made of alloyed steel and non-ferrous alloys
IVIIIIII Description of goods
3.1. Steam boilers, furnaces, fireplaces, heaters
3.2. Burners and firecrackers
3.3. Boilers are recycled after water
3.4. De-airing systems - Steam tank
Description of goods
Heat exchangers have shells and tubes
40 times work pressure or more
Tube bundles with a diameter of more than 1250 mm
Serving below 0 ° C
- Sexually alloyed steel, non-ferrous alloys coated with corrosion-resistant metallic coating
Serving in sour gas condition
Cold Box
4.2. Air coolers
4.2. Headers - Tube bundles - Fins - Fans - Motor and ...
4.3. Double-tube plate-coil transducers
4.4. Blade plate transducers
4.5. Cryogenic converters
4.6. Cold Box
IVIIIII IDescription of goods
5.1. Gas turbines and power generators
5.2. Gas compressors with electric drive
5.3. Pumps:
Low temperature pumps and refrigeration pumps
Fire pumps and seawater pumps
Main pumps but not sensitive
Auxiliary pumps
5.4. Emergency power generators
5.5 Air Compressors
5.6. Different equipment such as:
Blower boilers, blowers, butterflies, blenders, measuring pumps, items with exclusive manufacturer
5.7. Diesel engine units
IVIIIIIIDescription of goods
6.1. Plumbing system
Simple carbon steel pipes, austenitic knife stainless steel pipes, nickel base tubes (inconel) 625 and 825
Other types of tubing
6.2. Flanges, pipe fittings, Industrial valves:
Simple carbon steels, austenitic knife stainless steel pipes, nickel base tubes (inconel) 625 and 825
Other types of fittings
6.3. Plumbing system sewage systems
In services with refrigeration temperatures
In other services with higher temperatures
6.4.Electric Insulation Plates (Accessories)
In services with refrigeration temperatures
In other services with higher temperatures
6.5 Non-homogenous compounds
6.6.Welding consumables / electrodes
IVIIIIIIDescription of goods
7.1. Steel with special rankings
7.2. Steel grades one and two
7.3. Steel grades three
IVIIIIIIDescription of goods
8.1. Filters and process filters
8.2. Steam distribution units
8.3. Chlorination unit
8.4. Water desalination unit
8.5. Nitrogen production
8.6. The burner system includes burner torch and combustion system
8.7. Air Conditioning System
8.8. Water treatment unit
8.9. Waste incinerator
8.10 Chemical injection unit
8.11. Sulfur granulation unit
8.12. Exhaust gas chimney
8.13. Lubricants, chemicals, adhesives and catalysts
8.14. Overhead cranes and fixed lifters
8.15. Vehicles and mobile hoists
8.16. Drinking Water Producer Unit
8.17. Ethylene glycol and Triethylene glycol units
8.18. Hydraulic unit
IVIIIIIIDescription of goods
9.1. Fixed firefighting systems (sprinkler and flushing network) and automatic gas systems
9.2. Portable fire extinguishers
9.3 Fire alarm monitors
9.4. Firefighters and their plumbing network
9.5 Fireproof clothes
IVIIIIIIDescription of goods
10.1. Switchgears
10.2 Engine Control Center
10.3 Transformers
22 kV up to 300 kV and higher capacity
300 kV and less (low voltage)
10.4 Motors
150 kW and higher
Less than 150 kW
Emergency generators
10.5 Emergency power supply
10.6 Cables
Voltage 1 kV and above
Voltage less than 1 kV
10.7. Relay control panels
10.8. Lighting fittings and box connectors
Lighting and small panels ...
10.9. Batteries, chargers, and distribution boards
10.10 Distribution control system
10.11 Uninterruptible Power Supply
10.12 Air navigation navigation light
10.13. Trays and cable ladders
10.14. Prefabricated electrical channels
IVIIIIIIDescription of goods
Telecommunication equipment
Sound system
Internal telephone system
Telecommunication systems
Radio systems and CCTV cameras
other things
IVIIIIIIDescription of goods
12.1. Adaptive control safety systems (fire alarm systems, safety management systems in hazardous areas, emergency shutdown systems)
12.2. Control panels
12.3. Analyzers
12.4 Control valves and safety valves
12.5 Controllers, transmitters, recording systems and ...
12.6. Sensors and push buttons
12.7. Audio and video warning systems
12.8. Reservoir measurement and measurement systems
12.9 Pressure regulating and control systems
12.10 Flow meters and non-electric detectors
12.11. Distribution control and computer monitoring systems
12.12. Gas chromatograph, sampling systems, prefabricated and ...
12.13. Simple cables and optical cables
IVIIIIIIDescription of goods
13.1. All equipment that is not listed in the equipment group above.